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Why Are People Moving Out Of Places Like California?

It’s clear that people are paying much more attention to the amount of money leaving their pockets these days. Whether its taxes of any kind of cost of goods and services. People are much more educated. Ed Butowsky appears live on Fox Business’ Varney & Co. to discuss why are people moving out of places like California and where are they moving to.

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How Does The Former QB For Titans Blow $26 Million

When you see how much money professional athletes make over the course of their careers its rather disturbing to hear when they manage to blow through the money they make in just a short period of time. However is it that simple to think that they are just wasting money? It’s not as simple as that. They certainly have more money to spend, but even if they embellish a little more than the norm they still cannot use up all the money, there has to be more than what we are led to believe. Ed Butowsky, wealth manager, financial advisor, and managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management, joins Fox Business’ Varney & Company to help understand what exactly happens in cases like this where a former professional athlete like Vince Young goes through $26 million dollars in a couple of years or so it would seem.

Shared via Former Titans QB Reportedly Blew Through $24M.

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Skydiver Makes 24 Mile Jump to Earth And Breaks Sound Barrier

Ed Butowsky joins Fox Business\’ Varney &amp Company to examine Red Bull’s publicity stunt with Felix Baumgartner as the fastest human and highest skydive.

via Some Analysts Say Publicity For Record Skydive Worth Millions.

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Manchester United Stock Makes Its Debut On NYSE

Ed Butowsky discusses with Fox Business Stuart Varney why Manchester United went public with the team. Was it to raise money to invest into the team or for the team owners pockets?

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