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Debt Limit Showdown Looming On The Horizon

The fight over the debt ceiling comes down to dollars and cents. If the stalemate goes on in between the White House and the Republicans in Congress what will it imply to Americans if we do not raise the countries borrowing restriction. Furthermore, exactly what does it mean if we do raise the borrowing restriction. Ed Butowsky appears live on Fox News to examine exactly what could be the ramifications if the financial obligation ceiling is raised or not in homes in America.

via Economic Impact Of Debt Limit Showdown On American People.

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With Payroll Taxes Going Up, Less Money In Your Pocket

Ed Butowsky joins ABC\’s WFAA News 8 to point out the details in the payroll tax hikes. With more money coming out of your paycheck the less money you have to spend. With less money to spend business make less money which means they have less to spend to hire more people. Ed points out the viscous cycle that ensues if this tax hike is left in its place.

via Payroll Taxes Going Up For Every Working American, Immediately.

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