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With Payroll Taxes Going Up, Less Money In Your Pocket

Ed Butowsky joins ABC\’s WFAA News 8 to point out the details in the payroll tax hikes. With more money coming out of your paycheck the less money you have to spend. With less money to spend business make less money which means they have less to spend to hire more people. Ed points out the viscous cycle that ensues if this tax hike is left in its place.

via Payroll Taxes Going Up For Every Working American, Immediately.


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Election Analysts Will Be Talking About Sandy For Weeks After Election

Super-storm Sandy registered at its largest over one thousand miles wide. Hurricane Sandy left a tremendous wake of disaster on the ground, but that is the least of election officials fears. Sandy may have impacted the election, but is this the real worry? Ed Butowsky joins the Blaze to discuss the ramifications of Sandy and how stagflation has taken its evil root in our economy and how we might be able to break free.

via Hurricane Sandy Is To Election As Stagflation Is To Economy.

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