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Can Small Business Be Helped?

It’s certainly the case that small business are in fact struggling in many cases because the capital infusion that existed many years ago has dried up for many reasons. But surely there is a way to jump start this sector of the free enterprise market.

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Obama-Care Costing Health-Care Providers In Health-Care Workers

Ed Butowsky joins The Blaze TV’s Wilkow to discuss how business have a very rough road ahead with the fiscal cliff, costs of Obama-care, and new taxes on the horizon.

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Do You Know The Difference Between Monetary Policy Vs Fiscal Policy?

Obama Chose Monetary Policy – And You’re Feeling It

With Obama’s descision to set Monetary Policy in place when he took office he essentially set into motion actions that today we are all paying for.  For example, today we are seeing an all time high of the amount of money that is circulating this economy which means the more money in the economy the less its worth the more it costs you to buy things.  This is just one of the things that is ailing our economy, lets not forget unemployment rate at or above 8.0% for over 40+ months.

In my recent article posted on Fox Business I examine these and many other facets of Monetary Policy that are hurting our economy.

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Outsourcing – An Election Topic Up For Debate

Outsourcing has become a very interesting topic being discussed in various round table sessions by Mitt Romney and President Obama around the country. But what of anything that is really said would solve this long festering problem? American’s are longing to return to the days of less then 8% unemployment. What can be done to jump start the employment frenzy in the US? Is it cutting corporate taxes?

Outsourcing – An Election Topic Up For Debate

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How Will Jobs Report Impact Election?

With the most recent jobs report released economist are on the fence on how it may impact the economy.  Moreover how will this jobs report shape the outcome of the Presidential Election.

via New Unemployment Numbers Pivotal In Shaping Presidential Race.

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Jobs Report Crisis

Ed Butowsky joins Fox News to discuss the jobs report crisis and how this could impact the economy

via Pres Obama, Romney Spar Over July Jobs Report Means For Economy.

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Weekly Jobless Claims Down – Can This Help Economy?

Ed Butowsky joins Fox Business’ Varney & Company to examine how the drop in weekly jobless claims may turn the market around and why.

via Will Signs Of Economic Downturn Spur Fed To Print More Money?.

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