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Markets Rally But What’s Your Money Doing?

Ed Butowsky, wealth manager, financial advisor, and managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management, appears on CNBC The Closing Bell to analyze the market and its efficiency this week topping a 5-year high and what we might connect the gains to.

Ed Butowsky on CNBC 2-27-13

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How Does The Former QB For Titans Blow $26 Million

When you see how much money professional athletes make over the course of their careers its rather disturbing to hear when they manage to blow through the money they make in just a short period of time. However is it that simple to think that they are just wasting money? It’s not as simple as that. They certainly have more money to spend, but even if they embellish a little more than the norm they still cannot use up all the money, there has to be more than what we are led to believe. Ed Butowsky, wealth manager, financial advisor, and managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management, joins Fox Business’ Varney & Company to help understand what exactly happens in cases like this where a former professional athlete like Vince Young goes through $26 million dollars in a couple of years or so it would seem.

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US Economy Stalled As GDP Numbers Are Alarming

While this administration under President Obama is scratching their heads trying to figure out what will stimilate the economy the current tactics have not worked. Printing more money – No. Investing in alternative fuel industry – No. So what will because our economy is certainly in a stalled state as recently confirmed by the Q2 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers coming in at 1.3% rather than the expected 1.7%.

via Q2 Gross Domestic Product Is Alarming.

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Stocks Move Higher, But Why?

With the upcoming presidential election many discussions around the economy are stirring a hornets nest among voters. In recent weeks the stock markets have moved higher, but why? Is it because Ben Bernanke has his fingers on the printing press ready to print more money? Or is it because the alternative to this administration is making more sense than the current one. Ed Butowsky joins Fox Business’ Varney & Company on many occasions in recent weeks to discuss this very point.

via What’s Pushing Markets Higher…Fed Printing Hopes or Romney Speech?.

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Helping Our Economy By Lowering Taxes

Why wont the current administration lower taxes to help jump start the economy? Is it because President Obama is running for reelection? Corporate earnings are showing the affects of the global economy quarter after quarter.

What is clear is that our economy is in a state of “Stagflation” and while the government has continually tried everything else to help the economy it has all not resulted in the expected result. So why not try lowering taxes especially corporate taxes.

Read the full article by Ed Butowsky, One Tool Left to Jumpstart Economy: Lower Taxes, at Fox Business.

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Weekly Jobless Claims Down – Can This Help Economy?

Ed Butowsky joins Fox Business’ Varney & Company to examine how the drop in weekly jobless claims may turn the market around and why.

via Will Signs Of Economic Downturn Spur Fed To Print More Money?.

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How Should Athletes Manage Their Money? | Neon Tommy | Ed Butowsky

How Should Athletes Manage Their Money? | Neon Tommy.

From high school to college to the pros and into retirement, athletes usually have a financial advisers in their ears.

Ed Butowsky, the managing partner for Texas-based Chapwood Investments, and Tony LaPlacaof Sacramento-based Perry-Young Associates, explained last week on KXSC Radio how college athletes live on scholarships, where athletes go wrong in protecting their wealth and how the recession is affecting retirements.

Ed Butowsky is the managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management and is an internationally recognized expert in the investment wealth management industry. Ed is also a frequent guest on other networks such as CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox News, Fox Business, and Bloomberg to name a few.

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