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What Can Top Earners Do About Recent White House Tax Plan

What Can Top Earners Do About Recent White House Tax Plan

Ed Butowsky joins Fox Business’ Varney & Co. to discuss the White House Budget Plan and why it reads more like a tax plan than anything else.


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Why Are People Moving Out Of Places Like California?

It’s clear that people are paying much more attention to the amount of money leaving their pockets these days. Whether its taxes of any kind of cost of goods and services. People are much more educated. Ed Butowsky appears live on Fox Business’ Varney & Co. to discuss why are people moving out of places like California and where are they moving to.

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With Payroll Taxes Going Up, Less Money In Your Pocket

Ed Butowsky joins ABC\’s WFAA News 8 to point out the details in the payroll tax hikes. With more money coming out of your paycheck the less money you have to spend. With less money to spend business make less money which means they have less to spend to hire more people. Ed points out the viscous cycle that ensues if this tax hike is left in its place.

via Payroll Taxes Going Up For Every Working American, Immediately.

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Obama-Care Costing Health-Care Providers In Health-Care Workers

Ed Butowsky joins The Blaze TV’s Wilkow to discuss how business have a very rough road ahead with the fiscal cliff, costs of Obama-care, and new taxes on the horizon.

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Helping Our Economy By Lowering Taxes

Why wont the current administration lower taxes to help jump start the economy? Is it because President Obama is running for reelection? Corporate earnings are showing the affects of the global economy quarter after quarter.

What is clear is that our economy is in a state of “Stagflation” and while the government has continually tried everything else to help the economy it has all not resulted in the expected result. So why not try lowering taxes especially corporate taxes.

Read the full article by Ed Butowsky, One Tool Left to Jumpstart Economy: Lower Taxes, at Fox Business.

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Ed Butowsky: Largest Tax Hike In History Coming January 1st

Ed Butowsky on Fox Business 7-10-2010

Ed Butowsky On Fox Business 7-10-2010
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Ed Butowsky joins Stuart Varney and Co, appearing live on Fox Business News to discuss the impact of the tax hikes coming January 1st, 2011.  Click on the picture to watch the video clip.

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