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Obama-Care Costing Health-Care Providers In Health-Care Workers

Ed Butowsky joins The Blaze TV’s Wilkow to discuss how business have a very rough road ahead with the fiscal cliff, costs of Obama-care, and new taxes on the horizon.

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US Under Attack

As the Obama Administration attacks the value of the US dollar by allowing the treasury to print more money, so to is the US under attack at our Embassies in foreign soil. How can we combat these vastly different but same attacks?

via Protesters Jump Over Wall Into US Embassy In Sudan.

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Stocks Move Higher, But Why?

With the upcoming presidential election many discussions around the economy are stirring a hornets nest among voters. In recent weeks the stock markets have moved higher, but why? Is it because Ben Bernanke has his fingers on the printing press ready to print more money? Or is it because the alternative to this administration is making more sense than the current one. Ed Butowsky joins Fox Business’ Varney & Company on many occasions in recent weeks to discuss this very point.

via What’s Pushing Markets Higher…Fed Printing Hopes or Romney Speech?.

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Helping Our Economy By Lowering Taxes

Why wont the current administration lower taxes to help jump start the economy? Is it because President Obama is running for reelection? Corporate earnings are showing the affects of the global economy quarter after quarter.

What is clear is that our economy is in a state of “Stagflation” and while the government has continually tried everything else to help the economy it has all not resulted in the expected result. So why not try lowering taxes especially corporate taxes.

Read the full article by Ed Butowsky, One Tool Left to Jumpstart Economy: Lower Taxes, at Fox Business.

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Supreme Court’s Ruling On New Health Law Expected Thursday

Ed Butowsky joins Fox Business Varney

via Supreme Court’s Ruling On New Health Law Expected Thursday.

Supreme Court’s Ruling On New Health Law Expected Thursday

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Ed Butowsky | Inflation Proof Portfolios

Ed Butowsky joins Gerri Willis on Fox Business’ Covering Your Assets to discuss how investors can inflation-proof their portfolios amidst rising inflation around the corner. Read the rest of this entry »

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