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What Can Top Earners Do About Recent White House Tax Plan

What Can Top Earners Do About Recent White House Tax Plan

Ed Butowsky joins Fox Business’ Varney & Co. to discuss the White House Budget Plan and why it reads more like a tax plan than anything else.


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How Could Money Printing Cause Stocks To Do An About Face?

How Could Money Printing Cause Stocks To Do An About Face?

Ed Butowsky, wealth manager, financial advisor, and managing partner of Chapwood Investment Management, appears on Fox Business’ Varney & Co. to check out the effect of the Fed Governors who made declarations about slowing down the printing of cash as well as Walmart’s numbers being an economic indication for the economic climate.

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Record Setting Hurricane Sandy Costing $50 Billion

Ed Butowsky joins Fox News to examine how much Hurricane Sandy could cost. Early estimates are topping upwards of $50 Billion. However, no sum of money can replace the loss of such a devastating event. Homes, business and most importantly lives lost.

via Estimated Cost Of Hurricane Sandy To Top $50 Billion.

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Election Analysts Will Be Talking About Sandy For Weeks After Election

Super-storm Sandy registered at its largest over one thousand miles wide. Hurricane Sandy left a tremendous wake of disaster on the ground, but that is the least of election officials fears. Sandy may have impacted the election, but is this the real worry? Ed Butowsky joins the Blaze to discuss the ramifications of Sandy and how stagflation has taken its evil root in our economy and how we might be able to break free.

via Hurricane Sandy Is To Election As Stagflation Is To Economy.

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This Administrations Failed Policies Are Costing You Money

The failed fiscal policies of this administration are costing Americans a lot of money not only in your pockets but also in jobs, retirements, and even your gas tank. The recent jobs report seems a little far fetched. How after 40+ Months yes I say months are we all of a sudden under 8.0% unemployement? How does the government justify it? They say that after this much time of above 8% 500k took part time employment. That’s just one of the points being made in this episode of the Blaze TV. Ed Butowsky joins E.D. Hill as they try to wrap their heads around not just jobs but also how QE-whatever will help further the economy. How did the first wo infusions of money (ie QE1 and QE2) help?

via Because Obama’s Policies Failed Things We Need Cost More Money.

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US Economy Stalled As GDP Numbers Are Alarming

While this administration under President Obama is scratching their heads trying to figure out what will stimilate the economy the current tactics have not worked. Printing more money – No. Investing in alternative fuel industry – No. So what will because our economy is certainly in a stalled state as recently confirmed by the Q2 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) numbers coming in at 1.3% rather than the expected 1.7%.

via Q2 Gross Domestic Product Is Alarming.

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Do You Know The Difference Between Monetary Policy Vs Fiscal Policy?

Obama Chose Monetary Policy – And You’re Feeling It

With Obama’s descision to set Monetary Policy in place when he took office he essentially set into motion actions that today we are all paying for.  For example, today we are seeing an all time high of the amount of money that is circulating this economy which means the more money in the economy the less its worth the more it costs you to buy things.  This is just one of the things that is ailing our economy, lets not forget unemployment rate at or above 8.0% for over 40+ months.

In my recent article posted on Fox Business I examine these and many other facets of Monetary Policy that are hurting our economy.

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